US Go Home Urges Muslim Cleric

Muqtada al-Sadr, the controversial Muslim cleric who opposed the presence of American forces in Iraq, returned from an absence in Iran, to urge his followers it was time to make certain all American troops existed the country by the end of the year. There is no question his words would be welcomed by millions of Americans whose only desire is to welcome the return of their fighting men and women from that far off land. Al-Sadr told his countrymen: “let the whole world hear that we reject America. No, no to the occupier. We do not kill Iraqis. We target only the occupiers with all the means of resistance.” His words are interesting coming a week after dozens of Iraqi Christians were killed by Iraqis. His words are interesting given the nonstop violence committed by Iraqis who blow themselves and other Iraqis up in suicide attacks.

Al-Sadr wants a pledge from the government “to get the occupier out of the country, in a suitable way.” Please be assured, Americans have no other desire than to leave Iraq. I have no doubt, when the last American soldier leaves, Iraqis will be killed–by fellow Iraqis!