US Goes, Sectarian Conflict Arrives

Just as the last American troops were preparing to depart from Iraq the new  war began in that country over who rules and who does not rule. The Iraq government of Prime Minister Maliki has been based on cooperation between Sunni and Shiite Muslims. Ah, that was yesterday and today without Americans to pester anyone, the new world of Shiite control has appeared. Maliki charged Sunni Vice President Tareq al-Hashemi with plotting to kill him and other Shiite leaders. Bodyguards of the vice president confessed– during interrogation, that is.

Ah, but Maliki is not yet done with consolidating power. He asked for a vote of no confidence in his Sunni deputy prime minister Saleh al-Mutlaq on charges that he was incompetent. Gee, American troops leave, and suddenly Sunni leaders are charged with crimes. Actually, I thought being incompetent and corrupt was a given in the Maliki administration. I guess it only applies to those who are Sunni.

I  await new terror attacks. Don’t you?