US Intelligence Claims No Iran Nuclear Weapons

A new report by an American intelligence estimate(NIE) that Tehran had ceased its nuclear military program in 2003 was greeted by cries of outrage from Israel and those advocating warlike actions against the government of Iran. The US NIE, a consensus of 16 intelligence agencies, concluded that Iran had suspended its attempt to build a nuclear weapon in 2003. Last month President Bush warned that a nuclear armed Iran posed a threat to world peace and Vice President Dick Cheney threatened Iran with “serious consequences” if it did not cease to abandon its nuclear weapon development.

Israel’s Defense Minister Ehud Barak, rejected the American report and insisted his nation must continue its efforts to end Iran’s nuclear weapons development. “We cannot allow ourselves,” he said, “to rest, just because of an intelligence report from the other side of the earth even if it is from our greatest friend.” However, the Iranian government greeted the report noting, “It’s natural that we welcome it when those countries who in the past have questioned” our information, “now amend their views realistically… The condition of Iran’s peaceful nuclear activities is becoming clear to the world.”

Republican Senator Chuck Hagel commented that the report removes, “if nothing else the urgency that we have to attack Iran, or knock out facilities..I don’t think you can overstate the importance of this.” This web site has continually urged patience in dealing with issues of the supposed Iran nuclear weapon program and we support Senator Hagel’s evaluation. It is now a time to resume efforts to negotiate with Iran over nuclear development and to cease making threats. One can only wonder if Israel’s Defense Minister would have accepted the report if it claimed Iran was pursuing nuclear weapon development.

  • mendy

    this report is an about face.
    2 years ago they were fighting hard to get weapons now we were all wrong it stopped in 2003….
    what is clear is that america won’t afford another war even if it could…..the hardliners have just lost the battle to get iran on it’s knees one year before the elections.
    so if you can’t fight it at least make it appear like the threat doesnt exist all together…….which is exactly what this report is about just 3 days after king abdullah of saudia arabia was caught hand in hand with iran president only a few days after annapolis……which was suppose to be a proclamation of moderate arab states against iran and terrorists.
    the power is shifting from the all powerful white house and focusing on a probable victory of democrats next year……
    both party’s want bush to cool down for good in this crucial elections year that is 2008…..
    let’s not forget the ”disastrous” meeting with the new iranian negotiator that told javier solana to f* off and start over from scratch you get strong iran weak U.S paralyzed Europe and deal ready arabs state that just yesterday were th eU.S best alllies…..
    oh and israel scrambling to get a new strategy facing iran alone after the american intelligence agency’s wash their hands clean of this ”stinky” nuclear problem….

  • Fred Stopsky

    Emotionalism only leads to disaster. The NIE conducted an objective analysis whose conclusions shocked President Bush because he was expecting a different report. Any expert on Middle East affairs will disagree with your analysis that Saudi Arabia has friendly ties with Iran. Saudi Arabia is among the main centers of the Wahhabi Sunni Muslim religion whose sworn enemy is Iran. I guess you simply don’t like objective thinking.