US Intelligence Hid Torture From British

The never ceasing saga of how American intelligence used torture to extract information from SUSPECTS continues to reverberate in the United Kingdom as those responsible for intelligence operations have opposing views as to what happened in the past. The former head of M15, the Baroness Manningham-Butler recently told a group Americans were “very keen” to prevent British intelligence from knowing how they obtained information from those under their control. They did not wish British intelligence from knowing they employed tactics such as waterboarding in order to get information. However Jonathan Evans, current head of M15 denies that his group was ever prevented from knowing how Americans obtained their information.

A key word is “SUSPECT” as well as a key word being, “LEGAL.” A democratic society does not utilize torture in order to obtain information. For those who cite the ever handy, “ticking bomb” analogy, we simply do not have much evidence any such metaphor applied to dealing with suspects. We can also note that during WWII the British and Americans were fighting fanatics in Germany and Japan and somehow obtained information without use of waterboarding. I wonder why or how?