US Intelligence Saved WWII Nazis

I was born in 1930 so I am quite familiar with efforts by the United States Army to protect Nazi war criminals in order to use their “knowledge” to fight communism, but it was shocking to learn the extent to which those in our military deliberately lied to war crimes investigators working for the Justice Department in order to draw on the talents of men with blood on their hands. Mykola Lebed, a Ukranian thug who helped the Nazis kill thousands of Jews and Pole was spirited away to New York City where he supervised guerrilla activities back in his native Ukraine that somehow was going to overthrow the Soviet government. They also lied to war crime investigators about Rudolf Mildor who headed security in Denmark and helped round up Jews. After all, in a good capitalist society, what else should be done but to protect those who murder in order to prevent communists from growing stronger.

I recall in basic training in 1951 hearing a captain tell us it was our patriotic duty to “kill a Commie for Christ.” In 2010, I inhabit a country in which Republicans hold the nation hostage in order to protect its wealthy citizens. Plus ca change, plus c’est le meme chose.