US-Israel Compromise On West Bank Settlements

Reports from Jerusalem indicate the Obama administration has reached a compromise agreement with the Netanyahu led Israel government. Under the agreement, Israel will announced a six month moratorium on construction of new housing in the West Bank, and the United States will ignore the building of 2,500 housing units now on delay. Israel sources suggest Obama is not willing to give in regarding the need to end further construction of housing in the West Bank as well as requiring evacuation of many units in a final compromise agreement between Israel and Palestinians. He needs evidence that America can force Israel to compromise or he will lose any credibility he might currently possess with Arab leaders.

Israel is still arguing its government made housing agreements with the Bush administration and Obama must adhere to those commitments by George Bush. Of course, this idea makes no legal sense let alone foreign policy sense for any American government. Obama was elected to END Bush agreements.

  • Scorpio

    So then what’s the point of making agreements if the subsequent government disregards or cancels these agreements entered into by the previous government?

  • Fred Stopsky

    Sorry, but the United States is a democracy as are other nations. The American people rejected George Bush and his policies so why should we be bound by agreements he made?
    Of course, it would help if Israel actually fulfilled its agreements concerning West Bank settlements and if Israel ceased violating international law that forbids seizing land that is being occupied and allowing your citizens to take it over.