US Kills Top Somalia al-Qaeda Leader

The war against al-Qaeda which originated in dealing with their presence in Afghanistan has spread throughout the world. Those who continue supporting Bush policies of a “war against terrorism” might wonder that as this supposed “war” proceeds, it winds up fighting all over the world. Somalia insurgents are furious that American helicopters took out, Saleh Ali Nabhan, a prominent member of al-Qaeda’s leadership. Al-Ahabab, the Somalia branch of al-Qaeda, promised “they(USA) will taste the bitterness of our response. Al-Shabab will continue targeting western countries, especially America.”

US helicopters spotted his car and blasted it. Some reports indicate the helicopters landed and took away bodies. Another leader gone, but does this mean al-Qaeda is weaker? Or does it mean, a bright younger al-Qaeda operative will rise to the occasion and assume leadership?

The never ending, never ceasing fight against “terrorism.” Why not just say, we won, and everyone go home?