US Launches Missile Attack In Somalia

The Bush administration has always been clear about its policy of striking at alleged terrorists regardless of where they are hiding. Over the weekend, the United States launched a missile attack on the Somali town of Dobley to kill an alleged terrorist who was in a house. “It was a deliberate, precise, strike against a known terrorist” stated a US military official. Of course, similar “precise” attacks in Afghanistan and Iraq have sometimes resulted in the death of innocent civilians, but the Bush reasoning is if you are in the vicinity of a terrorist then, by definition, you are aiding the terrorist. Clan elder Ahmed Nur Dalaib said a senior Islamic official, Hassan Turki, was in town trying to mediate a conflict between his forces and a militia that was loyal to the Somali government.

The Bush administration urged Ethiopia to invade Somali and destroy its Islamic government resulting in a Christian nation now occupying a Muslim nation. Perhaps, there is logic in this invasion, but, so far, it has only resulted in further conflict.