US Led Iraq Invasion Strengthened Iran

Cihan Clik, writing in the Turkish Daily News, argues “five years in the continuing U.S. led war in Iraq, America” remains far from achieving its goals. He believes if American goals were to rip asunder the nation of Iraq then it has been a successful war. He quotes Omit Ozdag, head of the Eurasia Strategic Study Center who points out, a “surprise consequence” for the United States was Iran’s increased influence throughout the region. “Iran played more widely and cannily than had been predicted. It expanded its influence by turning its allies (in Iraq) into U.S. allies also. As a result, the Tehran regime has become an unseen force which is, virtually an occupier in Iraq today.”

Another unforseen consequence of the Iraq invasion was creation of virtually an independent Kurdish state which now is the center of attention from both Turkey and Iran. The Bush adminsitration most probably never grasped implications of the invasion in terms of increasing sectarian conflict nor of upsetting the balance of power in the Middle East. They just stumbled into an invasion without any semblance of strategic thinking.

Is America humbled by the experience asks Celik? Perhaps, the election tis November will provide an answer.