US Made Iraqi Refugee Mess- Clean It Up?

Sex years ago, American forces invaded Iraq on grounds there were WMD and America wanted to spread democracy in the world. George Bush boasted how the United States had brought a new burst of freedom to the people of Iraq. Of course, about four million fled the chaos created by the invasion and now they have the freedom to live in other countries and deal with poverty and sexual abuse of their women. Michele Pistone, of American University, points out, “the Iraqi refugee crisis is a mess involving very large numbers and a great human tragedy. Millions have poured across the Iraqi border seeking refuge in Jordan or Syria, which has then created enormous financial and employment issues for those countries which are struggling to develop their own economies.

The United States record on Iraqi refugees is miserable and in no way equivalent to what other nations have done such as Sweden or Germany. It is estimated thousands of Christian Iraqis have sought refuge in Germany even though it was the American invasion which unleashed a vicious anti-Christian outbreak in Iraq. America created the mess, and it should meet its responsibilities to deal with their mess.