US Magnifies Putin Misrule

Vladimir Putin is upset at the American government for daring to question his benevolent work with the people of Russia. The US Congress passed, and President Obama signed, a new law which bars Russian human rights violators from entering the USA, and freezes any bank accounts they might possess in American banks. The law was named after Sergei Magnitsky, a Russian fighter against corruption who was  beaten to death in a Russian jail in 2009. Vladimir is not accustomed to anyone daring to question his human rights program. He  stands for the right of any Russian to agree with his policies and guarantees they will not  encounter beatings–at least in Russian jails.

Putin termed the law, ” a purely political and unfriendly act” and is confused why Americans want to “sacrifice US-Russian relations in  order to get some political dividends at home.” He does have a point. Why would anyone get Vladimir upset, oh well, I guess if they are not in Russia it is OK.