US Miitary Hesitates In Fighting Militants

After the initial American success in Afghanistan, the Tabliban was allowed to group and once again become a powerful force. During the past few years, this has resulted in continual American and coalition military strikes which frequently have resulted in deaths of innocent Afghan civilians. An ongoing problem is lack of sufficient ground forces which has necessitated reliance on air power. Last week in an operation against Taliban militants, American forces held off from firing at points during the battle to avoid killing Afghan civilians. Several days ago, uS forces killed 37 Afghan civilians and wounded 35 at a wedding party which has increased pressure on the part of the American military to be cautious when civilians are in the area.

The Taliban obviously is now using the presence of civilians in order to assist in their operations. They undoubtedly will use the cover of civilians in order to carry out operations. The apparent solution lies in having more ground forces in Afghanistan.