US Military Adopts Leftist Liberal Climate Warming Idea!

If there was any doubt claims made by such brilliant scientists as Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck that President Barack Obama has launched a leftist Socialist policy that seeks to destroy American values, the latest statement from the Pentagon offers proof of their charges. The Pentagon has now adopted Socialist ideas about Global Warming! US military now says, “while climate change does not cause conflict, it may act as an accelerant of instability or conflict, placing a burden on civilian institutions.” In a sharp reversal from noted scientist President George Bush, the CIA will now be keeping track and sharing with scientists around the world information obtained from satellite images of glaciers and melting ice.

Accepting ideas that there is such a thing as “global warming” is simply the first step in Socialist lover of Banks, President Obama, to brain wash our children into actually believing there is something called, “global warming.” What next for communist thinking, Barack Obama, telling them the Earth revolves around the Sun!!