US Military Boasts Successful Anti-Missile System

The American military insists it conducted a successful test of a new anti-missile system which is designed to shoot down missiles that might be sent by enemies such as from Iran or North Korea. The anti-missile system has cost the government about $100 billion over the past ten years and is the foundation of the Bush administration defense of building anti-missile bases in Poland. Critics pointed out the test was designed in a manner to ensure the missile being shot down did not employ counter-measures to avoid being hit. As David Wright, a physicist at the Union of Concerned Scientists notes: “any country with the technical capability and the motivation to fire a long-range missile at the U.S. would also have the technical capability and the motivation to add decoys to it that are designed to defeat the defense.”

The issue is not whether or not America can shoot down incoming missiles, the issue is why are anti-missile bases being built in Poland. The construction of such bases is a provocative action against Russia just as the United States in 1962 regarded Russian missiles in Cuba as a cause for action on its part. If the United States desires to build missile bases, why not take up the Russian offer of having them built inside Russia?