US Military Fears Thousands More Needed In Afghanistan

Pentagon officials increasingly have concluded there is need for almost double the number of soldiers currently in Afghanistan if the Taliban are to be controlled. Current plans call for dispatching about 10,000 more troops, but the general consensus is at least 20,000 must be sent in order to get the Taliban under control. They need helicopter units, intelligence teams, engineers, medical staff, and soldiers who are able to spend time training the Afghans in how to conduct military operations. Conditions in Afghanistan are much more complex due to more extensive mountains and the reality many Afghans support the Taliban.

Perhaps, George Bush can explain why over the past seven years an Afghan army was not trained and equipped. Why in 2008 is this a topic to be considered? The entire mess that is Afghanistan was created by Bush, Rumsfeld and Cheney who were bent on invading Iraq despite the need to maintain a large force in Afghanistan to crush the Taliban. Ironically, the troops will be coming from Iraq when seven years ago if those same troops had been kept in Afghanistan there would be no problems in Iraq.