US Missile Strike In Pakistan Angers Pakistan

The missile strike that was carried out by US forces on Monday against a suspected al-Qaida leader once again points out problems connected with the American policy toward insurgents. A senior leader of the group was allegedly killed along with 20 other people, and it is unclear if they were simply Pakistanis who were in the wrong place at the wrong time, or were they members of al-Qaida. American military leaders are frustrated at what they believe is hesitancy to confront terrorism which has led to these continual attacks inside Pakistan. Frankly, many Pakistanis are weary with the fighting and just want some peace so there is not enthusiasm for fighting anyone.

Few Pakistani military officers believe sending missiles to kill a leader here or one there is going to halt fighting in the northwest region. For every al-Qaida leader who is killed, another takes his place. “Cutting off the head” of militant groups does not necessarily lead to their collapse. It is more important providing economic and political development than killing leaders.