US Needs Michelle, Bachlet, That Is!

The growing world wide divide between those with and those without is spreading and we Americans are simply one part of this divide who are growing angry at inhabiting a society in which 1% posses over 40% of the nation’s wealth. A similar pattern is found in Latin America or in Europe or in Asia. The people of Chile sent a message of anger to their wealthy rulers that it was time to alter the ground rules of society by sharing some of the wealth that currently resides in the hands of its top one percent. Michelle Bachlet won an overwhelming majority by promising to raise spending on education which currently is focused on children of the wealthy. In reality, a similar pattern exists in America, those whose parents graduated from prestigious universities will attend those academic institutions, graduate and get high paying jobs while children from community colleges or less important education institutions wind up with low paying jobs.

She plans to raise corporate taxes and lessen the economic divide between the classes. She promises to address the issue of economic inequality and end transfer of money from the middle class to those with wealth. Bachelet also seeks to address social issues such as divorce and the right to marry -for anyone. Perhaps, she can provide a model for America!