US Neo-Conservative Blasts Israel!

There are many American Jews who believe any form  of  criticism of the Israel government is a sign of anti-Semitism. Leon Wieseltier, among the strongest supporters of Israel for over forty years finally acknowledged his disgust with the current group in charge of Israel. Wieseltier has defended Israel in the Gaza invasion, he has defended the Netanyahu government refusal to honestly negotiate with President Abbas of the Palestinian Authority, but even he can no longer accept theocrats running Israel. Among the sources of his anger are:

1. Ultra Orthodox men spit on an eight year old Jewish girl who is dressed immodestly.

2. The Chief  Rabbi of the Israel Air Force resigned because the armed forces refused to except Orthodox soldiers from events in which women sang.

3. Orthodox protesters depicted Jewish police as “Nazis.”

4. He admits that Jewish law discriminates against women. “There is no equality between men and women in traditional Judaism.”

5.  “Elsewhere in the vile orbit of radical Judaism certain rabbis have issued racist anti-Arab rulings and even speculated about the circumstances in which Jewish law would justify the preemptive murder of non-Jewish children”

6. In the Knesset bills are proposed bills that would outlaw foreign funding to, and oppressively tax, human rights NGOs, and would tighten libel laws so as to impede Israel’s deliciously free press.

When pro-Israel individuals like Mr. Wieseltier can no longer tolerate the drift toward theocracy and authoritarian attitudes in Israel, something is amiss in that land.