US Or Iraq Law?

George Bush sent millions of American soldiers into war, but he also sent dozens of Amercan companies along with them. Soldiers were asked to risk their lives in order to do something in Iraq, the outcome remains unclear. Companies were asked to make billions for themselves, all in the name of profit for the corporate world and death for those who provided it. Staff Sergeant Ryan Maseth was taking a shower in his barrack  bathroom when there was a malfunction and he was electrocuted and died.

His survivors sued on grounds Maseth died due to negligence on the part of private companies which built the barracks. Naturally, being loyal Americans the companies resorted to Iraqi law which prevents such law suits. US District Judge Nora Fischer ruled against the corporate world on grounds that they built the damn barracks and should stand behind their shoddy work.

KBR attorneys are upset. They claim they are not responsible for their work on grounds they were assured there would not be any lawsuits, regardless of what they did or did not do. Thank God we have such loyal Americans.