US Packs In Pakistan

Each passing day witnesses evidence of the growing drift between the American government and that of Pakistan. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta while in India regalled an audience with joking comments concerning the bin Laden raid. “They(Pakistan government) didn’t know about our operation. That was the whole idea.” Panetta was absolutely right in not telling the Pakistan government about the raid but he was absolutely wrong in telling an enemy of  Pakistan how he tricked them. It was hardly a diplomatic comment for somone on a diplomatic mission.

The road from Pakistan to Afghanistan is closed. Pakistan wants an apology for the  misunderstanding that resulted in the death of 24 of its soldiers. Given Republican  desire to embarrass President Obama for  expressing any form  of apology as un becoming a leader of the perfect American nation, there will not be any apology.

Isn’t it time for grownups to cease childish behavior?