US Reporter Dying In Iran!

The condition of jailed American born Roxana Saberi continues to decline as her hunger strike for freedom weakens this brave opponent of the Iranian government. Her only crime is to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Ms. Saberi has been reporting from Iran for over seven years and is known to key figures in the government, but she most probably is now trapped in a struggle within the Iranian government between forces seeking reconciliation with the United States and those opposing any such move. Her father says Roxana “is very weak and frail.. she is in a bad condition. She can hardly stand up. I’m worried about her health. I’m worried about her life.” She was arrested in January and in a hurried secret trial sentenced to eight years in prison.

Iran insists its judiciary has the right to do as it wishes without interference from the outside world. The United States regards the incident as a deliberate provocation that will only poison relations between the two nations. President Ahmadinejad can either be manipulating the entire process for some form of political gain or he can be under pressure from conservative clerics to stand up to the United States. In either case, this incident only dampens the possibility of restoration of relations. Iran will have to decide if jailing a woman is worth the cost of ending hopes for reconciliation.