US Scapegoats Iran Says Official

Iranian Speaker of Parliament, Gholan Ali-Haddad Adel,accused the Bush administration for attempting to blame other nations as the cause of the current Iraq situation. He argued the quagmire was created by ineptness of Bush and now the president is seeking elsewhere for someone to blame. “The Americans who always try to accuse others… are now blaming a government which has come to power through a vote of the majority.”

The reality is Iran has attempted to avoid war since its religious leaders tend to be conservative. Bush is working nonstop to place blame on Iran for all Iraq ills. He forgets it was Bush who ignored advice from US military leaders to rely on a larger army, it was Bush appointees who disbanded the Iraq army, and it was Bush who refused to consider alternative political solutions in Iraq. As Shakespeare put it: the fault lies not in the stars but in ourselves.