US Seeks Access To Naval Passage Through Straits

The United States government is seeking approval from Turkey which would allow American naval ships to pass through the Straits of Dardanelles in order to bring supplies to Georgia. Pentagon spokesman Bryan Whitman said “Surface vessels give us capability to provide larger amounts of relief supplies and they also give you the platform to operate off aerial assets,” but he did not specify the type of vessels that America wants to send through the straits. Turkey has now been drawn into the fiasco arising from Georgia’s invasion of South Ossetia because American officials are insisting on the right to send humanitarian aid to those who are suffering. As a member of NATO Turkey is in a double bind of wanting to cooperate but at the same time not wishing to antagonize its Russian neighbor.

John McCain is once again acting the tough guy from some western motion picture by urging strong action against Russia in order to protect oil supplies from the pipe line that runs through Georgia. As of this date, the Russians have not done anything to cut off oil, but McCain wants to come across as the man who knows how to handle Russia. One can assume his expertise is equal to that of George Bush who knew how to handle the tough guy named Saddam Hussein.