Army Times staff interviewed officers who had worked with General McChrystal. Following are comments they made about their former general.

NcChrystal comments concerning Ambassador Richard Holbrooke and National Security advisor James Jones:
“I was shocked because I know a lot of those guys. The comment about Holbrooke, the comment about Jones , come on, are you kidding me? that’s just unprofessional is a mild word for it.”

Filed Grade SF Officer who served with McChrystal:

“I was surprised they would speak like that, even amongst themselves. I know all of his inner staff..(and) I never heard anybody say anything politically negative about Obama.” He went on to add: “Never, ever would he talk bad about a superior in front of his own subordinates. It’s just completely out of character.”

This field grade officer thought McChrystal should be fired. “I never thought I would say this. Until this article I was a huge McChyrstal fan. I was just floored at how immature he came across. every son of a b—near mcChrystal should be fired as well.” He dismissed the argument the general was an essential ingredient for success in Afghanistan. “Stan McChyrstal is not the linchpin of the strategy, and frankly, it has not been going well.”

I am certain the general will do well at Tea Party events and make money.

  • Eric

    “But despite their shock and disappointment at the comments attributed to McChrystal and his aides, neither the special ops officer who worked extensively with the general and his staff in Afghanistan nor the special mission unit officer thought that the Rolling Stone incident constituted a firing offense.”

    Way to selectively quote an article, buddy.