US Somalia Missile Strike-3 Cows, 1 Calf, 1 Shack

A U.S. missile attack on a terrorist allegedly hiding out in the Somalia town of Dobley did considerable damage by killing 3 cows, 1 calf, destroyed a shack and injured six cviilians. The “al-Qaida terrorist,” who was believed to be Saleh Ali Nabhan, escaped unharmed. This was the fourth American attack on Somalia soil since the Bush administration encouraged and supported an Ethiopian invasion of the country in order to destroy its Islamic government, the former Islamic Courts(UIC) which briefly had taken over and restored some semblance of order in the chaos known as Somalia. The Christian Ethiopians are now dealing with hostile Islamic insurgents as popular opinion appears to be against outside forces in their nation.

One can only wonder if President Bush has a plan for dealing with terrorism. He invaded Iraq and created a dozen new terrorist groups in that nation. He encourages a Christian lead Ethiopian invasion of a Muslim nation and apparently believes it will not result in some sort of rebellion against outside forces. Each passing day reveals further evidence the “fight for democracy” would be more accurately entitled, “the fight to support terrorism.”

  • journeyer58

    Needless to say, the shrub and Darth Vader have led the worst 8 years of foreign policy that this country has ever seen. He and his cronies have profited to the maximum, while the people of America and the world have felt the sting of policies that were meant to harm them. The economy of Iraq is in tatters and will no doubt take at least a generation to fix, while the American economy and prestige will be fixed only by the prosecution and detention of those who planned and executed these disastrous policies. Once, in a perfect world, the economy of America was a leader on the world stage, now our own economy is through and our military, the pride of our nation, has degraded to the point that we cannot get proper intelligence, cannot find one man, Osama bin Laden, and in Somalia, we are again using surrogates to try to win a foreign policy victory. And besides, with all the technology and manpower, cannot hit anything but the broad side of a barn. How Low Can We Go?