US-South Korea Urge Human Rights In North Korea

The leaders of South Korea and the United States urged the North Korean government to improve its human rights programs and to accept vigorous terms for nuclear program verification procedures. Presidents Lee Myung-bak and George Bush reaffirmed their commitment to improving human rights in North Korea by emphasizing to leaders of that country excellent human relations will translate into excellent relations with the world and improved economic development. Bush also expressed his concern about the fatal shooting of a South Korean tourist by a North Korean soldier earlier this month which has caused great concern in South Korea.

Bush told reporters he expressed his views to the president of South Korea “about North Korea’s human rights record. I’m concerned about uranium enrichment activities as well as nuclear testing and proliferation and ballistic missile programs.” Bush threatened North Koreans if they refuse close inspection and continue violating human rights, they’ll “continue to be the most sanctioned regime in the world.”

Any sensible leader supports human rights. President Bush has a habit of talking and threatening when calmer speech and fewer threats might obtain better results.