US -Taliban Can’t Win, So There!

George Bush told the world there were WMD in Iraq, Barack Obama tells the world it is impossible for the Taliban to win in Afghanistan. Staffan De Mistura, the top US representative in Afghanistan told the Security Council there was no way for the Taliban to gain victory in their country. The current US led fight is showing results and any sensible person would realize the only solution is for a negotiated settlement. “At the same time it’s producing the temptation, and the urge, probably by the Taliban, to want to have one or two spectacular attacks that may change the perception–which is real–that things are improving.” In other words, the Taliban can launch an attack which might result in many Americans doubting there can be victory in Afghanistan. Sorry, Mr Mistura, most Americans do not need another Taliban attack to conclude things are NOT going well in that far off land. They have TEN YEARS OF PROMISES NOT FULFILLED ABOUT VICTORY!

Sorry, President Obama, the US is not going to win anything in Afghanistan as long as Pakistan continues to hide, supply and support the Taliban. Victory in Afghanistan begins in Pakistan.