US Think Tank Allowed In Iran

The Bush administration has been engaged in nonstop attacks on Iran and has denounced President Ahmadinejad as a tyrant. But, if past history holds true, Bush may well be hinting at a change in policy just as he changed policy toward North Korea and allowed Secretary of State Rice to negotiate with Syria. The American government has granted permission to a US based group to establish an office in Iran. The American Iranian Council(AIC), which is a research and think tank, was given a license to establish offices in Tehran even though American policy has been to prevent establishment of such ties between American and Iranian groups. A State Department spokesperson, Sean McCormack, said: “We encourage efforts to increase people-to-people contacts between the people of Iran and the people of the United States in order to expand mutual understanding, as long as parties involved work in accordance with US laws and regulations.”

The bottom line is an American led team of foreign policy experts might be able to reside in Iran and work with Iranian officials. It is probably too late for this avenue to be explored by the Bush administration, but it might benefit the next president.