US Trade With Iran Booms Under Bush

President Bush has never ceased complaining about the “axis of evil” led by Iran as the foremost enemy to democracy. He has promised to impose sanctions on Iran if it fails to adhere to requests to cease nuclear development, but lost in the rhetoric of anger is an unpleasant reality– trade to Iran during the Bush administration has risen tenfold! Since George Bush assumed the office of president, trade between the United States and Iran has been $546 million. The exports from American range over a wide variety of items from farm goods to medicine and even to the sale of rifles. The rifle sale only represented a few hundred thousand of dollars but it exemplifies the hypocrisy of Bush when he is discussing Iran.

Perhaps, the mistake made by President Bush was not presenting himself as a friend of Iran who wanted to expand trade and relations. Who knows what would have happened if Bush stationed himself as a believer that trade and interacting with enemies could eventually produce positive results. Instead he denounced the evil Iran even as he sold them millions of dollars worth of goods. What’s new in deceit when it comes to the Bush administration?

  • John Maszka

    Nous Tenons Á Notre Avis

    It is in our nature to believe that our opinion is the right opinion. But everyone, be they liberal or conservative, understands that another war will break the back of the American economy.

    Add to this the fact that Iran has over ten million men of military age, and it becomes an issue of both blood and treasure. The only way that America can stand against such an opposition is through a prolonged campaign of lethal air strikes, which will involve the slaughter of innocent civilians and bring the rightful outrage of the entire world upon our heads.

    Not only would an attack against the sovereign state of Iran be wrong, it would be extremely foolish.

    President Bush-
    Il ne desire pas paix
    Il ne desire rien mais guerre.
    Il tient un livre de douleur et larmes
    Il tient á ouvrir.
    Il ne parait pas que il comprend
    Il ne s’agit pas de legs…
    Il ne faut pas ouvrir ce livre
    Il ne contiennent que mort.

  • Fred Stopsky