US Tries Selling Radar Station To Dubious Czechs

After two days of robustly selling the virtues of having a radar station on Czech Republic soil, Geneal Henry Obering, head of the U.S. Missile Defense Agency, still had failed to completely obtain support from Czech officials. He insisted myths the missile system was not an effective protective device were downgraded by the American military leader. General Obering raised the fear of Iran by warning “I believe that the day is coming for Europe with respect to threats from Iran specifically.” However, his fearmongering failed to persuade the Social Democratic Party and the Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia(KSCM) that a real threat existed and it could be met by the American missile defense system. Hassa Charfo of KSCM commented the government is “trying to find any reason to avoid a vote by the people” and there is fear if the radar is placed on Czech soil, “we will be targets.”

During his talk, Obering raised the bloody flag of 9/11 to stir fear but many were not convinced that Iran was a possible sources of terror. The recent report by a Bush intelligence outfit insists that Iran is not engaged in development of nuclea weapons, but Obering continues hammering away at the fear ploy.