US Troops Go There, Taliban Come Here!

It is wonderful that President Obama has a deadline as to when US troops will be leaving Afghanistan, unfortunately, the Taliban has its own deadline and procedures of fighting. As American troops our into the province of Helmand, it appears Taliban forces are pouring into other provinces and allowing NATO and US troops to pretend they are winning. The governing council of once peaceful province of Nimroz in southwestern Afghanistan has fled the area due to threats by the Taliban they would be killed. A spokesperson for US Marines based in Nimroz insists they have the situation under control but for some reason local leaders are getting the heck out of the area in order to save their lives. Eight council members received death threats which were slipped under their doors and they may well believe discretion is the better part of valor and leave.

Council member Shren Azizi received a phone message which said: “your previous job as a school teacher was good for you. So go back to that if you want to stay alive. Think about your children.” Provincial Police Chief, General Pardeili insists things are under control although there might be areas in the province which his forces do not control. At present, council members are under guard in a government rooming house in Kabul.

I wonder what President Obama would do if he had to live in a government house in Denver, Colorado.