US Troops Leave Taliban Popular

Three years ago  the American military launched a massive attack on Taliban forces in the province of Helmand which was designed to serve as a model for the entire country. Three years later residents tell American reporters they are afraid to travel at night due to thieves. As one noted, “today, you bring your motorcycle in front of your shop and it  will be gone. Now the situation is that you go on the road and they are standing in police and army uniforms with weapons and they can take your money.”

As one resident of Marjah told reporters about the Taliban, “they were never cruel to us and the one difference was security. It was better during the  Taliban.” Many simply want  foreign troops to depart. “For the time they are in Afghanistan, we will always have war.”

Corruption, incompetence, lack of security remain problems for Afghans. Perhaps, it IS time to depart.