US Troops Seize Iranian Diplomats

It was a rather minor incident when US troops halted an Iranian diplomatic car and arrested two officials. They were charged with possession of weapons — two pistols and an assault rifle. After a few hours of trying to intimidate the Iranians, the troops released them to Iraqi authorities. A rather minor, unimportant incident, but one that highlights problems in the Middle East.

The Iranian government has “detained” four western academics on charges of trying to forment revolution. Bush wants our troops to “detain” Iranians on charges they are formenting violence. Prime Minister Mailiki has visited Iran and praised its government and thanked it for supporting him. Bush denounces Iran for not supporting Iraq. We can detain Iranian diplomats, we can shout to the world of their support of terrorism, but the bottom line is that Iran must be part of any solution. What Bush refuses to admit, is that Iranian support is for the current Shiite government. They share Iraqi hatred of Sunnis, that is the problem, not Iran.