US Urges China Its Military Build-Up Is Wrong

The United States military budget is greater than military budgets of the entire world, but the Bush administration feels no hesitation giving lectures to other nations about their military build-ups. John Negroponte, Deputy Under Secretary of State, told the Chinese government it should not be focusing military weapons at Taiwan since the only result is to increase tensions. “We believe China’s build-up as unnecessary and counterproductive. The anxiety it breeds on Taiwan encourages pro-independence inclinations.”

Perhaps, Mr. Negroponte can speak with President Bush about constructing missile bases on the border of Russia which ostensibly are aimed at North Korea or Iran. The Russian government has invited the United States to use bases in Russia to deter the North Korean or Iranian missiles but the US has turned down this offer. Apparently, it is alright for the Bush administration to cause anxiety and tension in Russia by this blatant effort to intimidate the Russians, but China is incorrect to focus a build-up near Taiwan.

There is no more need for a Chinese build-up near Taiwan than there is for an American build-up on the border of Russia against missiles that never will be fired from either North Korea or Iran.