US Used To Be Number One

Once upon a time in America, this nation was considered a leader in creating new industries and building tall buildings or impressive dams, but, today we live in the America of the Tea Party. To members of the Tea Party and their Republican allies, this is a nation which can not think in daring terms for fear it would cost money. A Chinese train just set the world record for speed by hitting 456.1km per hour. This is not a significant event in the history of the world, but it simply exemplifies that under Republican rule, America will think small, do small things and slowly watch the world go by into new realms of growth. We are a nation that thinks small and blames any innovation on “liberals” who are trying to destroy America. In the Tea Party version, canals were not built by government, great roads were not built b government, the transcontinental railroad was not paid for by the federal government, the plane industry was not pushed by the national government, nor was the Internet. A fairy businessman godfather appeared and waved his magic wand and all came about.

China builds the fastest train in the world and the governor of New Jersey vetoes building the first tunnel under the Hudson River in a hundred years? We can assure out children if they want innovation fifty years from now, visit another country.