US Warns About China Missile Tests

American and Australian intelligence agencies are keeping close tabs on Chinese efforts to develop an anti-missile that could shoot down incoming missiles aimed at their nation. The SC-19 missile is being used to intercept and destroy any incoming missiles. I am glad the United States is concerned about development of anti-missile programs. As I recall, President Ronald Reagan and President George Bush both promised to develop an anti-missile that could destroy incoming missiles. I gather when the United States develops such weapons, they are simply weapons for peace rather than weapons for war. As we all know, the United States does not send missiles into other countries, the United States does not invade other countries, the United States does not bombard cities. But, those Chinese, they are a crafty lot. They have not invaded any nation in decades, but, being Orientals, who knows what lurks in their evil minds?

The United States has more fighter planes than all the other nations combined. It has twelve aircraft carriers which far surpass any other nation. The American military budget is larger than military budgets of the rest of the world. But, just let another nation do anything to protect itself and American issues dire warnings. I have a hunch most nations are more concerned about American weapons than Chinese weapons.

Does this mean China is a peaceful nation? Of course not, just ask the people of Tibet. But, it does not pose a military threat to the world.