US Warns EU About Palestinians

The United States has warned European leaders not to support efforts by the Palestinian Authority to seek recognition by the United Nations. An American memorandum seen by the Guardian of England, claims such a move would be
“extremely counterproductive and lead to significant negative consequences.” The American view is that Palestinians should enter into direct negotiations with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

This is a Catch-22. Palestinians are urged to negotiate with Netanyahu and when they offer to meet provided settlements halt during negotiations, the Israel government insists they want to negotiate but will not do it as long as Palestinians want a halt to settlements. The US memo refers to “counter-productive actions that could undermine trust or otherwise distract from the pursuit of peace.”

I  assume constant seizure of land owned by Palestinians is simply an Israel effort to reach out to Palestinians. It is very simple, halt  further settlements until an agreement is reached. Could one just possibly construe constant land expansion as a “provocative one-sided action” which “undermines trust?”