USA TODAY -Subscriber Bully!!

I enjoy experimenting with subscribing to new magazines each year and last January decided to try out a one year subscription to USA TODAY. I was called early in January and asked to renew the subscription, but told the person that I did not wish to renew. However, the paper continued to arrive at my door each morning. I called to discuss the situation with a “Representative” but after three days of being kept on hold for at least thirty minutes decided to send an email. I sent an email on Wednesday, February 5th as well as a letter asking a cease and desist of the newspaper coming to my home.

On Monday, February 10th a woman from USA Today called and asked me why I no longer wanted to subscribe. I informed the woman that I simply did not wish to subscribe. She insisted on knowing my reason and even offered to reduce the price of subscription. I informed her that I had previously told one of their representatives that I did not wish to renew my subscription. She responded:

“You can’t cancel a subscription on the phone.”

I responded: “But, I sent an email and a letter.”

She responded: “why don’t you want to renew the subscription.”

I responded: “I don’t want your paper anymore!”

She said in an angry voice: “Well, you will continue getting the paper for two more days. You will not have this subscription ended until February 10th” and hung up.

Since when in America does the merchant decide when we cease purchasing his product??