USA-Where Debts Are Credits!

Debts to the right of me, debts to the left of me, into the valley of Debts charge the soldiers of money. President Obama met with House Speaker John Boehner in another of those conversations in which Republicans insist there is no debt problem, just don’t pay money owed and pretend no debt has to ever be paid before the time you, the borrower, decide to pay. Check the Constitution, it is in the 2nd Amendment! Oh, Boehner and Obama did talk with one another. President Obama has this rather strange idea that once a law is a law then forty congressmen can not change the law. Check the Constitution, of course most Tea Party folk have never gotten past the 2nd Amendment.

Frankly, the Obama stance of not giving in to RepubliTea Party threats is wise. Give in to their demands to halt the Affordable Care Act today and tomorrow they will be demanding end of another law they do not like. Republicans have infuriated the American business community, but in this current age of Koch Brothers money, who needs money from other wealthy folk. The best solution is for the business community to announce they will only fund in 2014 those who supported sound economics-like paying off debts.