Utah Legislature Decides -No Global Warming!

The Utah House of Representatives is composed of some outstanding scientists such as ——— OK, so I can’t list any names, but the real issue is whether the American people want to leave their destiny in the hands of a bunch of egg headed scientists or would they rather leave science decisions to the corner supermarket manager? Well, this blog places its trust in the American people when it comes to decisions about global warming. In a vote of 56-17, the House dismissed climate science as a an attempt to manipulate data related to global warming “in order to pursue a global warming outcome.” Actually, the original version told it like it is claiming the origin of the so-called science propaganda was part of a “conspiracy.”

Look, there is no global warming except for the heat coming from Washington D.C. and from Fox News. Yeah, the ice is melting, but that has nothing to do with global warming. This problem can be readily solved by taking Rush off the air.