Vaginal Ultrasound Sounds Invasive

The Republican party is taking a strong stand in defense of individual rights. Governor Bob  McDonnell of Virginia expressed his shock at having people patted down at airports charging it invaded their privacy. Members of the Republic controlled state legislature just passed a bill that would force pregnant women to have an ultrasound of their vagina in order to FORCE them to see pictures of what is in their womb.

Those in support of this bill insist there is no invasion of the privacy of a women’s body. God ordained that every woman prior to having a child should gaze at what an embryo looks like. If you doubt what I wrote, just examine the ten Commandments. We Americans can thank God Republicans stand guard over our individual liberties and will protect us from THE GOVERNMENT intruding into our bodies.

Of course, when Republicans force people to adhere to GOVERNMENT LAWS CONCERNING THEIR BODIES, it is simply a statement about the right of right wingers to do what the hell they want.

  • V T

    Am I the only one in the world that thinks this is absolutely insane?

  • Fred Stopsky

    You are part of the majority who believes such laws violate the American Constitution. What ever happened to conservatives who want the government to quit interfering with our lives?