Veil Not Issue In Muslim Religion

Current controversy over women wearing a niqab or a burqa reflect creating an issue where none really exists. Imam Sayed al Tantawi of Al-Azhar, the great Muslim university, argues there is nothing in the Koran which justifies women wearing a veil or covering their heads. In fact, he urges banning use of veils by women attending the university. Al Makin Yogyakarta, writing in the Jakarta Post, goes even further and notes that of the 6,000 verses in the Koran only two make any reference to face or head coverings which would indicate the topic was of no great interest to those writing the document. In Indonesia, few women wore a veil until recent times and for many it is a fashion statement as much as a religious one. Some religious fanatics have seized upon this issue and attempted to transform it into one of serious import to Muslims.

According to Yogyakarta, “Looking at classical Islamic literature, one will discover that this piece of cloth was never a serious subject of discussion among Muslim jurists.” Perhaps, it is time for Christian politicians in Europe to cease creating an issue where none exists. For example, in France which has about 2,500,000 Muslim women about 2,000 wear either the niqab or burqa.