Venezuela Leaders Are Not!

The history of Venezuela is a story about those with money who used that power to retain power in the country. The famous 1% in Venezuela were greedy, they only thought about themselves and eventually they lost a free election. The current President, Nicolas Maduro represents those who term themselves to be “Socialists” and regard the Castro regime as a model to pursue. Actually, this has turned out to be the reality of how Venezuelan leaders pursue their dream to end power of the wealthy. Inflation is about 57%, most stores lack anything in them, poverty is present, and the middle class is headed toward the United States of Central American nations like Panama. Anything other than the current state of affairs.

The Mauro regime just destroyed camps established by students who spend their days protesting rather than being in classrooms. Unless, they can change the economy, a college degree is worthless and will not lead to employment. Instead, they will head north. Members of the US Congress are calling for sanctions. We support that move. Venezuela is one clear example of how sanctions will compel changes in government –for the better.