Veteran Pay For Job Training Reduced

GI Bill payments for on-the-job and apprenticeship training have dropped more than a hundred dollars a month due to failure on the part of Congress to extend a two-yer-old program that offered higher rates of pay. The GI Bill allows those who have served to enter apprenticeship programs such as hotel management or fire fighting, plumbing and other skills. The benefits are paid for full-time employees in VA approved programs that cover entry level positions. Payment is provided only to those with no prior work experience in the field. These benefits are only available to a veteran of the armed forces or those who served in the National Guard.

Hopefully, Congress upon its return this month will make sure this program continues. Many members of the Reserve and National Guard were taken away from their regular occupations and forced to spend a year or so fighting for their country. Many men and women have, essentially, been compelled to end their current career, the least American can do is provide them financial support to enter a new occupation.