Veteran Suicides On Rise

As the nation remembers its veterans this week, reality is the number of those who served the nation becoming a suicide victim is on the rise. Politicians give speeches in which they claim concern for those who have or are serving, but in the next breath they refuse to do anything about terminating the war in Afghanistan. Of course, neither those in Congress nor their sons or daughters will ever serve the nation. They are safe from snipers, IEDs or being shot by an Afghan soldier who, in theory, is on their side. Eric Shinseki, head of the Department of Veteran Affairs, and a former general, explained why suicides continue among veterans as well as those currently in the service. Their lives, are “compounded by the stress, the trauma” that goes with returning to life in a recession damaged society. America in 2010 is a nation which allows 1.5% to do the fighting for the other 98% and the result is greater stress in the lives of those returning from those battlefields.