Veteran Suicides

Most Americans have by now forgotten how the United States originally went to war and for what reasons in Afghanistan and Iraq. President George Bush warned the American  people that Saddam Hussein possessed deadly weapons of mass destruction and he had been responsible for the 9/11 deaths. Of course, 17 of the suicide bombers came from Saudi Arabia and the other two came from Egypt. NO   Weapons of Mass Destruction were ever found. Is it surprising that thousands of American soldiers who fought in a war based on lies in a land that had nothing to do with 9/11 left the service emotionally torn? As of this date, veterans constitute 22.2 percent of all suicides in America.

In other words, every day about 18-22 veterans commits suicide. VA officials revealed they believe the number of veteran suicides has been under reported and the figures might be higher.

We wonder why no American official has ever been held to be somewhat responsible for these deaths?