This week a convention is being held in Portland, Oregon which brings together Veterans for Peace and Iraq Veterans Against War. The theme of the gathering is: Resillience, Resistance and Non-Violent  Revolution, which is appropriate for those who have risked for nation. Among those in attendance will be  men and women who served in World War II and Korea as well as those who served in Vietnam and wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Any American who served has a  right to display pride in serving the nation. But, today, we have hundreds of thousand who serve in wars based on lies by political leaders.

It is now proven beyond any reasonable doubt that George Bush and his fellow conspirators, Dick Cheney and Don Rumsfeld, lied to the American people about a war based on non-existent WMD. I served during the Korean war and feel a sense of pride that my generation did protect innocent people from the horror of life under North Korean brutality. What does one say to a young American serving in a war that was based on lies? They have a right to feel pride in  defending the innocent, but they also must feel chagrin at being part of the Republican Party campaign of lies and distortion.

Our nation can never gain a sense of finality about Iraq and Afghanistan until we have a Truth and Reconciliation Commission which requires all who lied to openly apologize to families of dead soldiers and the nation. We need the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.