Veterans Get Short End Of Stick Once Again!

Congress passed a new education benefit bill that was intended to acknowledge the dedication and patriotism of those who served in the armed forces as well as being an inducement for those seeking to remain in service. The bill is called, the “Post 9/11 GI Bill” for anyone who served in the military during that time period. A feature of the legislation was allowing service members to transfer benefits to a spouse or child. However, as always there is something in the small print which says that transfer right was only available to those who were in the service on August 1, 2009. Thousands of servicemen are leaving the military in the coming months and were unaware of the provision so they, in effect, have lost transfer rights.

Dana Beausoleil, was severely wounded in combat and had to leave the military. “I am not eligible to transfer any benefits to my children, even though my disability cost me my military career.” There are times in life when common sense should over-rule bureaucracy. This is one of those examples. Let anyone who served after 9/11 be eligible to all parts of a bill that is designed for those who served after 9/11.