Veterans Without Support

During the past few months a few dozen American soldiers were killed by their Afghan allies. Anyone who has spent time studying the horror of ware in Afghanistan understand that men and women who return from that conflict have been physically and emotionally damaged. Current estimates is that about 500,000 who served in Iraq or Afghanistan have PTSD.  They arrive home to  complete indifference, few even know where they fought or the nature of the war.     Few even care what happened to them, they are busy exchanging trivia on Facebook. The Afghan-Iraq war veterans can now join those who fought in Korea, Vietnam, and subsequent Middle Eastern wars. They can now become part of those who are ignored and discriminated against in jobs and medical service.

300,000,000 in this land have never served in the military, but elect political leaders who send 2 million into harm’s way. We send them off to die, get excited for a moment, then return to our normal lives and what happens to those in the Middle East is of no concern. They are forgotten, ignored and never honored for what they have done. I am certain Mitt, who made certain that he would not serve  in the war in Vietnam, is ready to send troops into battle.

Cowards sending heroes to their deaths!