Vets Have Good June

June reported  stagnation in job increases and the economy is stalled due to lack of government stimulus. But, the news for veterans is encouraging. Unemployment rates for veterans  dropped from 12.7% to 9.5%. Why? The Pentagon is pushing procurement programs which direct business to companies owned by veterans, particularly those run by disabled veterans. There is also large scale retraining programs run by the government which prepares vets for high paying jobs in critical skilled areas.

The Veteran Reemployment Assistance Program(VRAP) offers a GI Bill of Rights which provides training as well as paying for education and living expenses. Now, if we could develop such programs on a large scale, there would be a significant dent in unemployment.

Alas, if the Federal government offered such programs, Republicans would denounce them as SOCIALISM! Vote Republican if you want  economic stagnation.